Israel kills over 10k Palestinians in Gaza, bombs hospitals, and cuts off communication

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The Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip has claimed the lives of 10,022 Palestinians as of Monday, according to the Ministry of Health in Gaza. The spokesperson for the ministry, Ashraf Al-Qudra, said that the Israeli forces committed 19 massacres in the last hours, killing 292 people.

Al-Qudra held a press conference and urged all parties to provide a safe and urgent humanitarian corridor for the delivery of medical supplies, fuel, and medical delegations to the Gaza Strip. He also called for the evacuation of thousands of wounded from the Gaza Strip to Egypt and other Arab countries.

He said that the medical teams in Gaza are facing a dire situation, as they lack food and basic necessities, like the rest of the people who have been under a genocidal war for the 31st day. He appealed to the United Nations and the world to act immediately to stop the aggression and restrain the occupier.

The media office of the Hamas-run government in Gaza reported that the Israeli army was bombing the vicinity of several hospitals in the northern Gaza Strip intensively. It said that the Israeli forces cut off telephone and internet services before the attack. The bombing was especially severe near Al-Shifa Hospital, the largest in the besieged Strip.

Palestinian media sources said that the Israeli aircraft targeted the solar energy units in the main building of Al-Shifa Hospital, which were the only source of electricity, as the Israeli forces had cut off the power supply since the beginning of the war. The Israeli forces also raided the area near the Indonesian Hospital, north of the Gaza Strip.

The media office said: “We have received dozens of reports and appeals about the presence of hundreds of bodies of martyrs in the streets in different areas of Gaza City, of those who tried to use the alleged safe passage, and of those who sought refuge from last night’s raids.”

It also stressed that any efforts to transport the wounded to the Rafah crossing must be accompanied by Red Cross and United Nations vehicles, to ensure their protection and safety, and to prevent them from being bombed, as happened in the previous convoy.

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