Al Safy Group and Contact offer free insurance for “Mobilaty” devices for first time in Egypt

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Contact Insurance Brokerage, a subsidiary of Contact Financial Group, and Mobilaty, a subsidiary of Al Safy Group for Import, Export, and Commercial Agencies, have signed a partnership agreement, the first of its kind in the Egyptian market. The agreement provides free insurance for the devices and phones of “Mobilaty” customers for a period of one year, including comprehensive coverage for external damages such as breaking, fire, and drowning.

Under the terms of the agreement, a free insurance policy will be activated for a full year for each buyer of phones and electronic devices from Mobilaty’s 20 branches across Egypt, in addition to Mobilaty’s online shopping platform, which provides a wide range of products, such as smartphones, electronics, and accessories from the world’s best-selling brands.

Contact Insurance Brokerage will handle all insurance matters for Mobilaty’s customers, in addition to insuring the assets and properties of Al-Safi Group and its projects in the fields of distribution, trade, electronics, retail, food and beverage, telecommunications and logistics, oil and gas, and real estate development.

Khaled Fahmy, Executive Director of Mobilaty, a subsidiary of Al Safy Group, revealed that this agreement and the unique services it provides to Mobilaty customers assure the company’s keenness to provide the best solutions and services to its customers, in a way that supports sales to lead the market undisputedly. This comes in line with the company’s expansion plans, which include opening two new branches to reach 22 branches by the end of 2023.

Nihal Break, Chairperson and Managing Director of Contact Insurance Brokerage, expressed her happiness with this partnership, which she considers a successful opportunity for all parties. She said: “The cooperation with Al-Safi Group came within the framework of Contact Insurance Brokerage’s continuous plan to expand its business and services in the Egyptian market, and its keenness to deal with companies in all fields. The company seeks to help its customers obtain insurance coverage related to all topics and affairs of their lives, while Al Safi Group seeks to reaffirm its commitment to its customers and provide them with the best and unprecedented services.”

Reem Safy, CEO of Al Safy Group, said that the cooperation with Contact Insurance Brokerage, one of the leading and distinguished companies in the insurance sector, reflects the group’s keenness to provide the best services to its customers, especially after-sales services. The exclusive provision of free insurance for Mobilaty’s customer devices makes Mobilaty the best choice in Egypt.

Said Zater, CEO of Contact Financial Group, said: “This partnership reflects the distinguished services provided by the group to its customers. Since our first day in the Egyptian market, we have been committed to an ambitious strategy whose first goal is our customers, and this strategy is reflected in our unique products, as well as on the expansions that we target to be the closest to our customers, which enabled us to build a huge customer base that benefits from our services and products through our various sales channels, and most importantly give them reassurance and tranquility, especially knowing that there is a protection and safety net for their products free of charge for a year.”

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