Transport Ministry to establish company for consulting services in transportation projects

Shaimaa Raafat
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Kamel Al-Wazir, Minister of Transport, witnessed the signing of a memorandum of understanding regarding the establishment of a company / consulting office between the Ministry of Transport, the French Aegis Alliance, the international consulting company (Systra) and the Shaker Engineering Company to provide consulting services in the fields of transport projects. 

The memorandum was signed by Mona Qutub, deputy Chairperson of the Transportation Projects Planning Authority. And on behalf of Systra, a French company, Faisal Shaaban, Senior Vice President of the French Systra Company and Executive Director for Egypt and North Africa and representative of Aegis Engineering Egypt, Mohamed Bin Masoud, CEO, Aegis Egypt and Executive Director of the Consulting Group, Shaker, Ismail Shaker.

The Minister of Transport stated that this state-owned/private sector company aims to reach global expertise, which enables the transfer of expertise, training of engineers and technicians in the transport sector, and the localization of technical and engineering expertise in Egypt by gradually reducing reliance on foreign expertise and cadres, implementing engineering projects and services at optimal economic costs, as well as implementing urgent projects quickly and efficiently and meet the needs of the engineering sector inside Egypt with distinguished technical and commercial capabilities and skills, in addition to future expansion internationally across Africa and other Arab countries.

Participation with this alliance will contribute to expanding the field of work in Egypt as a center for the Middle East and Africa, increasing international competition, and distributing the contribution to the initial capital to the parties by making optimal use of resources and increasing operational efficiency, as well as benefiting from each party’s expertise and specialized knowledge, which will help the establishment of the company to transfer and exchange different experiences in these areas to invest a larger volume of companies with fewer resources.

The minister indicated that the company will provide its advisory services in the areas of transport projects such as (feasibility studies of all kinds – consulting services in the field of design – supervision of project implementation – technical assistance – financial and legal assistance / expertise – contributing to the preparation of the required documents to facilitate project financing). The trainees targeted to work in this company are the engineers of the General Authority for Planning Transportation Projects, in addition to the studies/planning engineers at the National Authority for Tunnels, the engineers of the National Authority for Egyptian Railways, and the engineers of the affiliated bodies (ports / roads /…) concerned with studies and planning.

The Minister of Transport stated that after signing this memorandum today, the steps for establishing a company, licensing it, and signing the final contracts will start, in addition to determining the stage/first batch of projects to be assigned to the company, and submitting technical and organizational offers, terms and conditions, and financial offers for the first-stage projects, to be followed by the start of submission of consulting services for first-stage projects.

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