Al Tamimi & Co. consults on several deals in health, education sectors

Fatma Salah
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Ehab Taha, a partner at Al Tamimi & Company, has said that work is underway on a variety of deals in various sectors, especially the pharmaceutical and education sectors, stressing the attractiveness of the two sectors in Egypt for investment.

Taha predicted, in an interview with Daily News Egypt, that this year will witness more deals than last year, contrary to what is expected in the market, stressing that Egypt enjoys strong investment opportunities and generates a strong return for investors.

He stressed that the increase in education deals in Egypt is very natural with the increase in the population, as well as the health sector, stressing that population growth greatly increases the chances of success for these sectors.

He added that the private sector must participate with the government in these vital sectors, so that the state returns to the supervisory and regulatory role, and the private sector bears part of these investment burdens.

He revealed that there are English, French and American universities studying the establishment of universities in Egypt, to benefit from the high demand for educational services in Egypt.

The office is working on two university establishment deals, two merger and acquisition deals, in addition to two acquisition deals in the school sector during the current year, noting that last year witnessed the implementation of 4 deals in the school sector.

He said that the office worked as an advisor to the Sovereign Fund of Egypt (TSFE) in B Investments, indicating that the relations between the fund and the office are strong and extended.

Last month, TSFE, through its sub-fund for health services and pharmaceutical industries, signed two agreements with B Investments to invest more than EGP 2bn in the field of specialized health care services, pharmaceutical distribution, and trade services in Egypt.

In the energy sector, the office manages a number of deals in this vital sector in Egypt, amounting to about five deals, including three acquisition deals, and two establishment deals, indicating that there is an establishment project in the renewable energy sector for a European investor in wind energy, in addition to a deal in waste management along with one in the petroleum sector.

In addition, there are about seven deals in the health sector, and other deals in the petrochemical and industrial sectors, indicating that the office is working as a legal advisor for the acquisition of Pachin shares by Eagle Chemicals, as it represents the buying party in the deal.

In 2022, the office completed more than 30 merger and acquisition deals of different sizes worth more than $1.5bn.

He stressed that the merger and acquisition activity continues in the current year, but the financing market may witness some challenges during the current period, especially with the rise in interest rates.

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