Italy’s football legend Totti attracts all eyes to Egypt through Al Ahram Beverages

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In light of Al Ahram Beverages continued support to tourism in Egypt, a media roundtable was held today on the occasion of Al Ahram Beverages’ hosting the Italian football legend, Francesco Totti to view the UEFA Champions League final match among some famous influencers and bloggers, and other Egyptian football fans. The round table was also attended by Mr.Amr El Kady, Head of the Egyptian Activation Authority and other members of Al Ahram Beverages Executive Team, Ms.Leen De Schutter, Marketing Director, and Mr.Petar Bermanec, Sales Director. This initiative is one of many others initiated by Al Ahram Beverages to promote and encourage tourism in Egypt.

Italy's football legend Totti attracts all eyes to Egypt through Al Ahram Beverages

Totti arrived to Cairo on the 27th of May and met some Egyptian bloggers and influencers in a special celebration at one of Cairo’s hotels, then he had a private tour at the National Museum of Egyptian Civilizations, where he was impressed with the different civilizations that passed through Egypt, from Pharaonic, Greek, Romanian, and was especially thrilled by the mummies, their history, and their preservation for thousands of years, and the great efforts spent on preserving them in the best way possible. His trip will end after witnessing the screening of the UEFA Champions League final game with his many Egyptian fans. 

Al Ahram Beverages Sales Director, Mr. Petar Bermanec said, “After tourism started getting back on track worldwide, we got the chance to continue our initiatives supporting Egyptian tourism, and our most impactful initiative that started in 2016, hosting top tier international football players in Egypt to attend the final UEFA Champions League game with Egyptian fans as well as visit some Egyptian touristic sites. We believe that the stories they share on their social media platforms providing their own perspective as foreign tourists sends a very powerful message to their fans all over the world about visiting the country. This year we chose to invite Francesco Totti because he is very famous among Egyptian football fans, in addition to his huge fan base of more than 7 million followers around the world.”

Italy's football legend Totti attracts all eyes to Egypt through Al Ahram Beverages

Bermanec also added, “These visits send a very positive message about Egypt and show that it is ready to welcome tourists from all over the world, reinforced by an international football celebrity.”

During this encounter, Totti spoke about his visit and how he was impressed with the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization, and how happy he is with the Egyptians warm welcome. He also spoke about how he felt like home since Egyptians and Italians are similar in so many aspects, and finally he answered lots of the media questions.

During the media roundtable, Mr. Amr El Kady welcomed Francesco Totti, and thanked him for accepting Al Ahram Beverages’ invitation to come to Egypt and visit some of the key sites. He highlighted the Egyptian government’s role in supporting tourism and emphasized the importance of private sector participation in supporting and encouraging the sector to show Egypt’s uniqueness in all aspects.

Italy's football legend Totti attracts all eyes to Egypt through Al Ahram Beverages

Al Ahram Beverages Marketing Director, Ms.Leen De Schutter expressed excitement over Totti’s visit to Egypt as part of the UEFA Champions League campaign, the world’s most internationally viewed football tournament and proudly sponsored by Heineken International for more than 20 years. Totti’s visits sends a strong message on Al Ahram Beverages’ commitment to promote Egyptian tourism which is one of the main pillars of our business. She stated that the company has many initiatives for supporting and encouraging tourism, one of them is the initiative of hosting top international football players with a wide range of fan base. Through their social media platforms, we reach a wide audience of potential foreign tourists, sending them an indirect invitation to visit Egypt. She also said that celebrities’ visits to Egypt send a positive message about Egypt and its tourism and ended by stating “I’m thrilled that we succeeded in hosting Totti this year especially as it is the same year of the comeback of the UEFA Champions League final event and we can now enjoy watching the most exciting game of the year together again.” 

This fruitful media encounter was concluded by taking some pictures with Totti and all the present media, Al Ahram Beverages representatives, and Mr. Amr El Kady, Head of Tourism Activation Authority.

This initiative is part of the continuous efforts of Al Ahram Beverages Company to support the tourism sector either by promoting Egypt abroad or by ensuring the supply of local drink drinks with international quality standards to fulfill the tourists needs, aside from the initiatives of upgrading the skills of hospitality employees, in cooperation with governmental entities NGOs and private sector.


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