National Museum of Egyptian Civilization hosts concert by marimba player Nesma Abdel Aziz

Daily News Egypt
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The National Museum of Egyptian Civilization in Fustat hosted Sunday a concert by famous Egyptian marimba player Nesma Abdel Aziz.

Abdel Aziz presented a collection of the most famous traditional and contemporary oriental compositions and songs, in addition to a group of western musical compositions, which won the admiration of the audience.

Ahmed Ghoneim, CEO of the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization, said that this concert comes within the framework of the cultural and artistic programme that the museum organizes periodically, which would emphasize the role of the museum as an educational, community and awareness institution, in addition to its role in raising tourist and archaeological awareness, improving artistic taste and connecting the people.

Former Yemeni President Ali Nasser and a number of former ministers and ambassadors of foreign countries in Egypt attended the concert.

The event included presenting a documentary film about the museum, showing its artistic and cultural activities and various events since its opening in April 2021.

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