Reducing psychological distance between Egypt, South Korea is diplomacy’s significant outcome: Korean ambassador

Nehal Samir
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I think the most important outcome out of our public diplomacy was to reduce the psychological distance between our two countries regardless of the long distance between Egypt and Korea, regardless of the pandemic, which it has extended for the last two years, we were able to overcome such kind of obstacles and we made it we made it, according to South Korean Ambassador to Egypt, Hong Jin-Wook.

He continued that he thinks many people in South Korea consider Egyptians to be their dear friends and many Egyptian people here in Egypt consider Egyptians to be their dear friends.

“Of course, there is a long way to go. The road is long but let`s make a bright and better future together and that’s why we need your efforts forever,” the ambassador said.

The ambassador`s remarks came during his speech of honoring the graduates of the Egypt-Korea Digital Ambassadors (EKDA).

EKDA used to digitally promote the Egyptian people’s awareness and understanding of Korean culture and Egypt-Korea relations through social media networks.

Moreover, EKDA members used to be invited to join the Embassy’s various online and offline events and serve as an advisory group for the Embassy’s public diplomacy activities.

In the honoring ceremony, the Ambassador thanked everybody for his great efforts and said that everyone has done his or her best to make Egypt-South Korea relations closer to each other.

“You will be formally graduating from the status of actor but there is actually no graduation for us to do the role of the public diplomacy experts or actors and actresses. So congratulations on your successful completion of your duties. But I’d like to request you to continue to work for the friendship between Korea and Egypt,” Ambassador Hong stressed.

The event was attended by the Korean Cultural Center Manager, Oh Song Ho, 11 of Egypt-Korea Digital Ambassadors, in addition to professors at Korean language and literature department at Ain Shams University  including, Oh Sae Jong, and Sara Benjamin, as well as the White hearts team.

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