Banks expand financial services to people with disabilities upon CBE directives

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Banks operating in the Egyptian market have made tangible achievements in terms of providing financial services to people with disabilities, in light of the implementation of CBE’s strategy to enhance financial inclusion to facilitate access to banking services and products for all segments of citizens.

In September 2021, CBE issued instructions to banks to facilitate the access of people with disabilities to banking services and products, in light of the interest in enhancing financial inclusion.

CBE stressed the importance of creating the infrastructure for disabled customers, equipping 10% of the bank’s existing branches as a minimum distributed in all governorates, and providing ATMs designated for customers at a rate of no less than 10% of the total number of machines in each bank across the governorates, as well as providing banking products that suit and encourage disabled customers to deal with the banking sector.

The banks affirmed their keenness on adhering to those instructions issued by CBE. The measures taken by the banks included effective structural modifications in their branches to ensure facilitation for customers with motor disabilities, in addition to training bank cadres in some branches to deal professionally with customers with speech and hearing disabilities.

For its part, Banque du Caire took several measures to facilitate their banking journey for people of determination, starting with opening accounts through a form printed in Braille, in addition to displaying the terms and conditions of products on the bank’s website and on social media pages, translated in sign language.

The bank has also equipped a number of ATMs to suit customers with hearing and vision disabilities.

Banque du Caire launched a number of products at a low cost for people of determination, including the “Waffer” savings account, which exempts its users from account opening fees or the minimum amount for opening an account. It also comes with an annual return that is calculated and disbursed monthly. The bank is also in the process of issuing a product at a low cost to encourage people of determination to borrow. It is also updating its policies, procedures and systems internally to include the inclusion of people of determination within the categories of customers.

Within the framework of Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank – Egypt’s continuous efforts to provide support and empower people of determination at various levels, the bank worked on several axes to provide banking services to them easily and conveniently, the first of which is updating the database and infrastructure in order to provide the necessary amenities for people of determination. The bank is also keen on providing various products such as debit cards and cards covered with prominent letters and numbers.

The bank was also keen on providing the necessary training for human cadres to deal with people of determination by providing professional trained staff, and allowing branch employees to conduct home visits to facilitate the provision of all banking services and products to customers.

In terms of infrastructure, Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank equipped 10% of its branches in various governorates to be more prepared for serving people with disabilities through entrances dedicated to wheelchairs. The branches were equipped with all tools necessary to facilitate their experience. 

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