Egypt needs new sports law that matches aspirations of modern republic: Senator Abu Shoqa

Sarah El-Sheikh
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The Egyptian Senate discussed on Monday its youth and sports committee’s report on suggested amendments to the Sports Law of 2017.

Senator Bahaa El-Din Abu Shoqa said, during the plenary session, that sports unite peoples and create an atmosphere of friendliness and understanding. He added that the laws governing sports were issued in 1975, and amended in 2017.

Abu Shoqa stressed: “We are in need of a sports law that matches the aspirations of the modern republic, in accordance with the Olympic Charter.

According to the report of the Senate’s youth and sports committee, the amendments aim to develop work controls to ensure better practice of sports in Egypt, and mechanisms for reviewing security and safety procedures and services for sports facilities, as well as regulating athletes’ use of supplements.

The draft amendment submitted by the government was supported by the Egyptian Olympic Committee, the Egyptian Paralympic Committee, sports clubs, and sports federations.

As stated in the draft law discussed by the Senate in its plenary session on Monday, sports authorities would be subject to financial oversight and supervision by regulatory bodies.

The draft law submitted by the government included the obligation to provide the necessary spaces for the establishment of sports bodies, according to the state’s plans.

Member of the Youth Coordination of Parties and Politicians in the Senate, Ahmed Fawzy, confirmed that the amendments to the Sports Law will support and encourage sports investment, which will have a major role in supporting popular clubs.

Fawzy said that sport is no longer just for entertainment, as it becomes a means of rapprochement and coordination between peoples in the whole world, explaining that the amendments to Law 71 of 2017 came to keep pace with the reality and development witnessed by the Egyptian state.

Senator Alaa Mustafa announced his approval of the report of the joint committee from the youth and sports committee and the constitutional and legislative affairs committee regarding the draft law submitted by the government regarding “amending some provisions of the Sports Law promulgated by Law No. 71 of 2017.

He stressed that the backbone of building the new republic is the Egyptian citizen, and this is evident in the orientations of the political leadership in all policies and initiatives.

The amendments will grant more freedom to the general assembly of sports bodies in determining their responsibilities and how to manage their affairs.


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