New savings certificates aim to enhance bank’s long-term, fixed-return savings products: CIB

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Commercial International Bank (CIB)

Egypt’s Commercial International Bank announced the launch of new premium savings certificates with three- and four-year terms in EGP within the framework of its plan to develop a package of long-term savings products to provide its customers with more options.

In a statement, the bank said that the new certificates were developed to help customers achieve their financial goals and enjoy a fixed monthly return of 13.5% for the three-year certificates and 14% for the four-year certificates, in addition to enjoying the unique banking experience of the CIB.

In this context, Rashwan Hammady — Head of the Retail and Products Sectors at the CIB — stressed the importance of the effective role that the bank plays in society in light of the rapid development of the market’s movement by providing more investment tools that enable clients to secure their financial future and reach all their goals — whether in the short or long term. He also said that the main objective of the CIB is to provide savings products that suit the different financial needs of each client.

For his part, Amr Al-Taher — Head of the Banking Retail Distribution Sector and Branches at the CIB — said that focusing on understanding the needs of customers, providing various financial solutions that suit them, and following the highest quality standards in providing banking services in various distribution channels — whether inside the branches or through digital channels — is one of the CIB’s top priorities.

This launch enriches the package of savings products offered to the bank’s individual customers in various sectors with the aim of maximising the return on customers’ savings by providing the largest slate of products that keep pace with the different liquidity needs of customers, whether short-term, such as savings accounts and term deposits, or long-term, such as savings certificates.

Moreover, existing CIB customers can purchase the new Premium certificates through internet banking and mobile banking services.

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