Fourth edition of FDC Summit to kick of next Sunday

Mohamed Alaa El-Din
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Tarek Shabakah, the Chairperson of the Board of Directors of MCS — the organiser of the Future of Data Centre (FDC) Summit, — announced that the activities of the fourth edition of the FDC Summit are expected to kick off next Sunday.

MCS — the leading distributor of cybersecurity technology and solutions — held a press conference on Sunday to announce the most prominent features of the fourth edition of the FDC Summit, which is being organised under the auspices and presence of Minister of Communications and Information Technology Amr Talaat from 22 to 23 May at the Intercontinental City Stars Hotel.

“We are proud of our role — through the FDC Summit platform — in supporting the digital transformation locomotive sought by all parties of the development system in Egypt,” explaining that the FDC Summit is not limited in its topics or sessions to this industry and is only betting on providing integrated content that will shed light on developments in all aspects related to the data industry, such as managing data centers, innovative storage solutions, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, and others,” he said.

“The activities of the fourth session are expected to witness the signing of a number of cooperation agreements with various authorities concerned with supporting and developing Egyptian human cadres and will also include challenging innovators and entrepreneurs in the field of digital solutions related to economic development.”

He added that the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology in its various bodies has provided unparalleled support in driving the locomotive of digital transformation and attracting the attention of investors from representatives of global companies.

This came within the framework of announcing the final preparations for the summit’s activities.

For his part, Ayman Al-Bayaa — Chief Operating Officer of Benya Group and CEO of Benya Systems — said: “We are pleased to participate in the fourth edition of the FDC Summit at a time when the ICT sector is witnessing rapid developments in various fields, especially in the field of data centres, which has become the backbone of most economic and administrative activities and effectively contributes to pushing the locomotive of digital transformation by drawing the features of the future to manage the various basic sectors in countries.”

“In this context, Benya Group has leadership in the field of building, operating, and securing data centres within the Egyptian market in cooperation with the government sector and private sector companies.”

“This comes within the framework of the group’s strategy, which aims to pump more investments to establish, develop, and secure data centres with the latest innovative solutions in Egypt, including the expansion into the African market and the transfer of more of the company’s expertise to a number of African countries,” he added.

“This has prompted us to participate in the FDC Summit, which covers developments in the main axes of this sector, such as the role of innovation and entrepreneurship, the importance of artificial intelligence, data management and analysis, and recent trends for cyber security.”

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