Internationalisation of Palestinian prisoners’ issue is a legal and moral imperative: Arab Parliament

Sami Hegazi
2 Min Read

On the occasion of Palestinian Prisoners’ Day — which falls on 17 April of every year — the Arab Parliament called upon the international community and international, regional, and human rights institutions to hold an international conference on Palestinian prisoners.

In a statement on Sunday, the Parliament called for urgent intervention to stop the violations practiced by Israeli occupation forces against Palestinian prisoners in Israeli prisons and to oblige Israeli authorities to respect and apply international law.

The Arab Parliament holds Israel fully responsible for the lives of Palestinian prisoners, noting that Prisoners’ Day comes this year in conjunction with the dangerous escalation adopted by Israeli occupation forces amid the silence of the international community, making it imperative for everyone to work to lift the injustice against the unarmed Palestinian people.

The Parliament also renewed its call to the UN to form a fact-finding committee to visit Israeli prisons and to find out about the violations that Palestinian prisoners and detainees are subjected to.

It also affirmed its full solidarity with Palestinian prisoners, expressing full appreciation for the precious sacrifices they are making and their steadfastness to achieve their freedom, defend their just cause, and build their independent state with Jerusalem as its capital.

At the same time, the Arab Parliament called on all international bodies and human rights organisations concerned to devise serious international action to put pressure on the occupying power and to oblige it to release these innocent prisoners immediately.

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