6,000 Egyptian stranded in Ukraine, most of them young people: Expatriate Affairs Minister

Sarah El-Sheikh
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Minister of Expatriate Affairs Nabila Makram said that there are about 6,000 Egyptians in Ukraine, half of which are young people. She added that 1,900 students studying in the country have registered to return to Egypt.

She also said that the ministry is following up with all cases around the clock, whether students, workers, or those that are married to Ukrainian nationals.

Furthermore, the minister also praised the cooperation between the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Aviation, and interior to bring our children back home and solve any problems they may face, starting from their exit from Ukraine until returning to the homeland.

This came during Makram’s participation in the coordination Salon of Youth Parties and Politicians, which dealt with the repercussions of the Ukrainian-Russian crisis on Egypt and the return of Egyptian students studying in Ukraine.

During the meeting, she explained that the political leadership is keen to follow up moment by moment and to provide all possible facilities to return Egyptian students studying abroad home.

She also praised the efforts of the political leadership in its handling of the Russian-Ukrainian crisis and the evacuation of Egyptians from the conflict.

Member of the Senate’s Defence and National Security Committee Mohamed Azmy, Editor-in-Chief of International Politics Magazine Ahmed Nagy, and Researcher in the Economics and Energy Studies Unit at the Egyptian Centre for Political and Strategic Studies Passant Gamal also attended the meeting, which was moderated by MP Tarek Al-Khouly.

The minister added that there are instructions to take into account Russian and Ukrainian tourists in Egypt, stressing that they are being hosted in hotels in the Red Sea’s resort cities. She added that there are currently about 17,000 Ukrainians and a similar number of Russians, noting that since the first week of the crisis, hotels have been taking care of these stranded tourists and that there are operating rooms in South Sinai and the Red Sea to ensure their comfort.

She also pointed out that the hotline of the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, which accommodates both the Russian and Ukrainian languages, was receiving inquiries from tourists to solve the problems they faced, stressing that the ambassadors were following up on how the Egyptian state was dealing with their nationals.

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