Egypt’s diplomatic missions continue facilitating exit of Egyptians from Ukraine

Sami Hegazi
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Egyptian embassies in Ukraine’s neighbouring countries continue to provide the necessary support to Egyptian citizens who try to leave the conflict zones in Ukraine, Ahmed Hafez, the Spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement on Wednesday.

He added that the embassies are working to facilitate all forms of assistance available to Egyptian citizens, check on all aspects of their living conditions, and ensure their movements from border points to capitals.

“The embassies have also made all contacts and coordination with the authorities of those states at various levels in this regard, as well as ensured the accommodation of citizens in hotels and other temporary accommodations,” Hafez added.

In this context, the Egyptian Embassy in Warsaw is continuing its efforts with the Polish authorities to provide the required support to citizens who have crossed the Ukrainian border into Poland.

Hatem Tag Al-Din, Egypt’s Ambassador to Warsaw, said that the total number of Egyptians who arrived in Poland so far is 453.

The embassy — in coordination with the Polish authorities — has contributed to arranging the movement of the Egyptian citizens from border crossings to Warsaw as well as accommodating them in hotels and making every effort to ensure the stability of their living conditions.

The Ukrainian border crossings to Poland are still ongoing, with the embassy following up on procedures and arrangements for an additional 81 Egyptians to cross the border.

 Additionally, Mohammed Al-Shennawi, Egypt’s Ambassador to Budapest, met with a group of citizens who crossed the border into Hungary. The embassy completed the procedures for accommodating them and has ensured that they receive the required care as it coordinates with EgyptAir to ensure that they have seats on a Cairo-bound flight.


These efforts have resulted in a group of Egyptian students and citizens from Hungary traveling home, with Al-Shennawi bidding them farewell at Budapest Airport.


Egypt’s Ambassador to Bratislava Bassem Khalil has also coordinated continuously with Slovak authorities in order to put an end to the procedures for a number of Egyptian citizens crossing the Ukrainian border into Slovakia and to provide them with the appropriate means of transportation from border points to the capital.


The embassy has also provided citizens with temporary accommodations, which Khalil has visited to verify their quality.


Furthermore, Khalil said that the embassy will continue to provide all facilities and resources available to them as well as follow up on the arrival of more Egyptian citizens who crossed the border on their way to the Slovak capital.

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