Egypt aspires to cooperate with Belgian companies to preserve coastal lands: Al-Sisi

Bassant Mohammed
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Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi affirmed the country’s aspiration to develop cooperation with Belgian company Jan de Nul to preserve the integrity of lands, facilities, and investments based on the coasts.

Al-Sisi also asserted Jan de Nul’s good reputation and unique experience in the field of dredging.

This came during Al-Sisi’s meeting with Pieter Jan de Nul, the CEO of the Belgian dredging company in Brussels.

Presidential Spokesperson Bassam Rady said in a statement that the meeting witnessed discussions regarding prospects for cooperation between the Egyptian side and the Belgian company in order to develop and protect Egyptian coastal beaches, especially on the Mediterranean Sea.

On his part, De Nul expressed his honour to meet Al-Sisi, hailing the promising opportunities for investment in Egypt in order to benefit from the improved economic climate and the infrastructure development efforts undertaken by the Egyptian government in recent years.

He asserted that the giant national projects being implemented in Egypt has provided great opportunities for major foreign companies to invest in various fields of development.

Furthermore, Al-Sisi met with Jean-Luc Maurange, the CEO of the Belgian John Cockerill for Defence Industries, as well.

Additionally, the president affirmed Egypt’s pride in its extended and fruitful cooperation with Belgium on various levels, expressing in this regard his aspiration to deepen cooperation between the two countries.

He also expressed Egypt’s keenness to cooperate with John Cockerill in light of the company’s distinguished production in the field of defence industries and what this represents in supporting Egypt’s capabilities in this field.

Maurange expressed his honour for meeting Al-Sisi, stressing his company’s keenness to cooperate with Egypt, especially in light of the important role played by the country in strengthening the foundations of stability and security in the Middle East, the Eastern Mediterranean, and the African continent in addition to Egypt’s prominent role in the framework of international efforts to combat terrorism.

President Al-Sisi travelled to Brussels on Tuesday to participate in the sixth European Union-African Union Summit.

The EU-AU Summit, titled ‘Africa and Europe: Two Continents with a Common Vision until 2030’, is scheduled to be run from 17 to 18 February with leaders focusing on joint priorities for the two sides’ common future.

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