GEM received and restored 56,000 artefacts so far: Tourism Ministry

Nehal Samir
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Al-Tayeb Abbas, the Assistant Minister of Tourism and Antiquities for Archaeological Affairs at the Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM), said that 96% of the finishes for the main exhibition halls have been completed, and more than 56,000 artefacts have been transferred to the museum so far.

He also reviewed the executive position of the museum’s archaeological work. He explained that the entrance hall and the great staircase are 99.8% complete, and the finishes of King Tutankhamun’s Hall were completed by more than 99%, in addition to the fact that more than 4,700 artefacts from King Tutankhamun’s collection were placed and installed inside 86 showcases out of 107.

Abbas’ remarks came during the expanded meeting held by Minister of Tourism and Antiquities Khaled El-Anany and Head of the Engineering Authority of the Armed Forces Ehab Al-Far to follow up on the latest developments in the GEM and the surrounding area, in addition to the development of works in the Solar Boat Museum.

El-Anany began the meeting by praising the work that has been done to complete this great edifice, stressing the need to adhere to the agreed upon due dates to complete the preparations for the opening of the museum, pointing to the need to raise the efficiency of the level of tourism services in the area surrounding the museum, taking into account the civilised appearance of the area as a whole.

Atef Moftah, the General Supervisor of the GEM and the surrounding area, also reviewed the results of the completion rates of the project, where he explained that the total completion rate of work on the site reached 99%, and the structural work has been completed. The interior was finished by 99.8%. The volume of achievement in implementing electromechanical systems reached 96%, and in implementing ICT communications and insurance systems to 90%.

Regarding the development work of the area surrounding the museum, Moftah explained that the external squares and green spaces have been completed by 98%, and the volume of completion in the surrounding external roads has reached 92%, and the facade overlooking the pyramids has reached 99.8%. This is in addition to the completion of 100% of the concrete and metal hull works for the Khufu Boat Museum, and the necessary finishing works are underway for the building. He also reviewed the architectural solution to increase the parking capacity to reach more than 2,000 parking spaces, an increase from the current capacity of 1,300 vehicles. This is in addition to reviewing the stages of handing over the works of providing and operating the services of Egyptian visitors and tourists at the museum.

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