US donates mobile coronavirus testing vehicles to Egypt

Daily News Egypt
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As part of the United States and Egypt’s ongoing partnership to combat the global coronavirus pandemic, Ambassador Cohen joined the Ministry of Defense in a ceremony to mark the US government donation to the Medical Services Department of two mobile medical units. 

Ambassador Cohen commented, “Building on US government donations of 13.5 million vaccine doses to Egypt, these custom-built mobile medical vehicles will help Egypt protect its soldiers, sailors, and airmen from the pandemic, so they can continue to ensure the security of Egypt and the Egyptian people.” 

This donation consists of one mobile coronavirus testing unit and one mobile laboratory for the storage and dispensation of coronavirus vaccines, both produced by US company Matthews Specialty Vehicles. Arriving as the new coronavirus variant Omicron begins to emerge, these vehicles will enable the Medical Services Department to more rapidly assist in the Ministry of Defense’s coronavirus testing and vaccination efforts. 

The delivery marked another milestone in US-Egypt collaboration in confronting coronavirus – a partnership that benefits from the ingenuity and hard work of US companies. To date, the United States has donated 13.5 million doses of the world’s most advanced coronavirus vaccines from Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson; and is the largest single country donor to the COVAX program, which is delivering millions of additional doses to Egypt each month. The United States through USAID has also supported Egypt’s coronavirus response with $55m, reaching nearly 18 million people with needed health and economic support. 

This American donation exemplifies ongoing bilateral cooperation to combat coronavirus and to foster strong and enduring military-to-military ties that are a cornerstone of the US-Egypt strategic partnership. 

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