Quality education is human right: Al-Sisi at ICESCO conference

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Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi said on Wednesday that quality education is a human right, considering that giving a poor education is tantamount to depriving a person of the opportunity to live. 

He added that a quality education enables the graduate to provide job opportunities and participate genuinely in society.

The president made his remarks during the first session of the Global Forum for Higher Education and Scientific Research and the General Conference of the Islamic World Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (ICESCO), in the New Administrative Capital, which is held under the title “Challenges for future jobs from a global perspective”.

Al-Sisi pointed out that true knowledge and its quality are a treasure and a wealth, but obtaining it requires the economic capabilities of countries in order to provide this education.

The forum is being held under the title “Vision of the Future”, with the participation of several representatives of Muslim countries, as well as a number of prestigious international universities and international bodies and organisations.

During the session, the president added that the Egyptian state provided education for all, but the quality of this education was not at the same level in developed countries, and there is a need to provide 100 universities in Egypt, pointing to the efforts during the past six years to establish universities.

He further stressed the state’s interest in the quality of education through twinning with international universities, to organize the educational process. 

Moreover, the president explained that providing quality education to 25 million Egyptians would require unavailable funds. And that the acceleration in progress has increased, explaining that the first industrial revolution took 150 years, but the fourth and fifth revolutions ranged between 20 and 30 years.

He affirmed the seriousness of the Egyptian state with an unrelenting will in order to confront challenges, including education, which is the basis for nation-building. He called on the great universities all over the world to help Egypt to have real knowledge and education at the level and level that exists there. 

Al-Sisi also announced the provision of 100 educational opportunities in Egyptian universities for talents from around the world.

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