Egypt stresses importance of creating routes for legitimate immigration to Europe

Sami Hegazi
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Egypt’s Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry received on Monday the European Union Commissioner Ylva Johansson in Cairo, to discuss bilateral cooperation in combating the illegal immigration.

Ahmed Hafez, the Foreign Ministry Spokesperson, said that Shoukry referred to the comprehensive approach adopted by the Egyptian government to deal with various flows for migration and its international involvement in discussions on finding ways to strengthen more positive steps on migrants,

He added that the Egyptian Government had followed an approach to respect for human rights for migrants and refugees, allowing them in Egyptian society with the eradication of all forms of discrimination against them.

 He also stressed the importance of creating routes for legitimate immigration to Europe as one of the solutions to illegal immigration.

The two sides agreed to strengthen cooperation to create legitimate migration tracks in light of the need for the European skilled Egyptian market.

Shoukry reviewed Egyptian vision on the fight against illegal immigration and is most prominent to address its root causes and promote legitimate migration tracks and provide support to refugees.

He reported to the efforts of Egypt as a result of hosting more than 6 million refugees and migrants enjoying all services to the Egyptian citizen, a model for this matter.

For her part, the European Commissioner Ylva Johansson expressed its full appreciation for the efforts of Egypt in the fight against illegal immigration and hosting refugees and migrants, stressing to support the EU for Egypt in this regard and to promote cooperation between the two sides.

Later on Monday, Minister Shoukry met with Moussa Al-Kony, Vice President of the Libyan Presidential Council.

Minister Shoukry renewed the full commitment of Egypt to install stability pillars in Libya and contribute to the achievement of comprehensive development requirements

Shoukry stressed that Cairo will spare no effort in meeting the aspirations of the Libyan people due in a safe and prosperous state, uttering all forms of illegal foreign presence, and imposing its sovereignty over the rest of its national territory through coherent Libyan national institutions.

The Foreign Minister also stressed the need to hold the presidential and parliamentary elections on the scheduled date next month as a pivotal step towards finalizing the political road map approved by the Libyan brothers, in a way that prevents Libya from entering into vicious cycles of security and political instability.

Foreign Minister also discussed the exit of all foreign troops, as well as mercenaries and foreign fighters, according to relevant international references, as the main obstacle to reaching a comprehensive political solution to the Libyan crisis.

For his part, Al-Kony expressed his appreciation for the Egyptian role in supporting stability in Libya, as well as the successive developments in bilateral relations on various levels. He also expressed his aspiration to make greater use of the broad expertise Egypt enjoys in various fields and to continue working to transfer it to Libya to advance development in a manner that serves the interests of the two brotherly countries and peoples

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