Egypt receives 4th German-made S-44 submarine

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Egypt received, on Monday, German-made S-44 submarine, according to the Egyptian Armed Forces spokesperson Gharib Abdel Hafez.

The submarine arrived at the Alexandria naval base from Germany’s Port of Kiel. The latest addition to the Egyptian naval forces represents a huge reinforcement for the capabilities of the Egyptian army, which will contribute to the protection of the country’s economic resources in the Mediterranean and Red seas, as well as the Suez Canal, Abdel Hafez said in a statement. It will also enhance security, stability, and peace in the region.

Egypt has received three submarines of the same type between 2017 and 2021.

The S-44 submarines represent an unprecedented leap for the Egyptian navy and contribute to raising its global ranking, the statement added.

Commander of the Egyptian Naval Forces, Ahmed Khaled, said in a speech that the Navy continues its quest to possess the latest naval armament systems to maintain the security of the Egyptian coasts and protect the country’s economic interests.

During a celebration, Khaled expressed his thanks to the political leadership for the ongoing efforts to modernise the armament of the Armed Forces.

The diesel-electric submarine can carry a 30-member crew. It is well-equipped for maritime defence operations. The 62-metre-long submarine is also capable of conducting surveillance and intelligence-gathering activities.

Alexandria witnessed a naval parade by the Navy that included more than 50 different naval vessels, in celebration of the arrival of the S-44 submarine.

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