Raya, Øpenner.vc launch FutureTECH to support startups

Mohamed Alaa El-Din
4 Min Read

The Raya Call Center Services Company (RCX), a subsidiary of Raya Holding, has announced the launch of the business accelerator Raya FutureTECH, in cooperation with the venture capital fund Øpenner.vc.

The accelerator focuses on supporting emerging companies that provide advanced technological solutions and modern technologies, based on ideas that support innovation and development in customer experience in various industries.

The participating startups will receive a potential funding of up to EGP 1m per company, combined, through direct investment from Raya and Øpenner.vc. Applications are required for startups to participate in this accelerator, which are currently available until 31 July.

Emerging technology companies must have a “minimum product”, or MVP, which ensures that they know the markets and their needs, and are aware of a problem that the solutions they develop.

The accelerator also enables participating entrepreneurs to verify the possibility of implementing their solutions and services and the extent of the success of their products in the market. It also enables for the alignment of these solutions with the innovation of Raya.

The accelerator also provides technology support, a number of workshops on designing growth and development plans, and individual training for founders of start-ups, provided by Øpenner.vc through its specialised team.

In addition, Raya allocates a team to work on accelerator programs, allowing more cooperation and coordination between the experts in Raya and the founders.

Ahmed Rifqi, CEO of Raya Contact Center Services, said that the new business accelerator is being launched in parallel with Raya’s new vision, which aims to encourage and enable more digital transformation.

“We started from the comprehensive development of our internal operations, increasing the share of technology from them, and activating more technologies to modernise the capabilities and services of call centres,” he said.

Rifqi noted that the company is continuing this journey by launching a business accelerator that enables support for the emerging technology companies market and stimulates innovation, in addition to enhancing cooperation between technology sector companies.

Rifqi noted that cooperation with Øpenner contributes to achieving the accelerator’s goals by designing the best selection criteria for participating companies and ideas, and providing well-rounded programs to support future founders.

“The program aims to enable the creation of a launching platform for early-stage technology companies in the Egyptian market, in addition to enabling founders and entrepreneurs to grow and support their businesses based on the experiences of the partners of this accelerator in the areas of customer experience that they Represented by Raya and corporate building provided by Øpenner,” he said.

Ahmed Al Sharif, CEO of Øpenner, said, “We are pleased to cooperate with Raya for Call Center Services to launch the ambitious programs of this new accelerator. We hope that it will contribute to supporting models of companies with innovative and new ideas in the technology sector and supporting future founders to develop their ideas and enable them to succeed.

Al-Sharif also pointed out that this cooperation comes in light of Øpenner’s focus on supporting major companies and institutions with history and experience to identify new business models and investment opportunities and cooperation with emerging sector companies through the Innovation Program, which is based on the philosophy of combining the expertise and capabilities of companies and institutions, and the specialization of Øpenner in building companies at the investment and technical levels in order to create, jointly invest in startups, and enable the continued launch of more startups in the field of technology.

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