Electronic catalogue of Egyptian products to be launched within days

Alyaa Stohy
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Egypt’s Minister of Public Enterprises Sector Hisham Tawfik has directed for all necessary preparations be completed to launch an electronic catalogue of Egyptian products within the next few days.

The ministerial directives came during his virtual meeting with the Board of Directors of the Nasr Export and Import Company, to follow up on business developments in implementing the company’s current development strategy.

The company is implementing the strategy in its new form under the name of “Gusoor”, an initiative launched by the Ministry of Public Enterprises Sector for about two years. It aims to open up new markets for Egyptian products, according to a statement issued on Tuesday.

Tawfik emphasised that the company’s new vision is based on providing marketing, promotion, mediation, and logistics services to enhance Egypt’s foreign trade movement. This will take place through the use of advanced technological means to market and promote Egyptian exports in world trade centres.

He reviewed developments related to the electronic catalogue of Egyptian products and their production inputs that are required for import from global markets. This is with the aim of enhancing Egypt’s foreign trade in both directions, with its implications for the national economy in terms of providing job opportunities and foreign currency. It also aims to encourage small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to penetrate global markets.

Ashraf Saeed, Managing Director of Al-Nasr Export and Import Company “Gusoor”, explained that several introductory and promotional workshops for the electronic catalogue services have been held. These took place at export councils, chambers of commerce, the Federation of Egyptian Industries (FEI), and other bodies and entities in the business community.

Meanwhile, Tawfik reviewed efforts to provide an integrated package of logistical services to exporters, starting with land transportation of exports from the factory door to the export port, and sea or air freight. 

These efforts include customs clearance and collection, in addition to warehousing, and the provision of financial services from insurance and financing in partnership with various financial institutions, in cooperation with Agility Logistics.

The new map of the company’s foreign branches was also reviewed, which includes a presence in the most prominent global markets in Africa, Europe, Asia, and the Americas. 

This is through the inauguration of 16 commercial and promotion centres to ensure Egyptian products reach various global markets and increase the volume of exports. It includes 14 centres affiliated with “Gusoor”, and two affiliated to Afrigate, a company which is being established to operate in East Africa.

The statement indicated that it is scheduled to complete the opening of six new branches by the end of next September as a first stage. It will be followed by the opening of the remaining branches in the near future.

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