Egyptian court supports banning of nightclubs, wedding halls near mosques

Bassant Mohammed
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Egypt’s Administrative Court has thrown its support, on Sunday, behind the government’s decision to ban the establishment of nightclubs or wedding party halls near mosques.

In the case No 4313 of 2016, the government issued a decision to close the boat “Layali” which had a fixed berth near a mosque in Beheira governorate and used to host night parties and weddings. 

The Egyptian Government issued a decision to close it administratively and by force, a decision that was supported by the Administrative Court. 

The court said that if the government issued licences for various entertainment activities to support the economy and tourism, it should not choose a location near places of worship. This is due to it being contradictory to the purity and sanctity of religious rituals.

The Administrative Court went on to say that as mosques are places for worship, supplication, and submission to God, it is not permissible to disturb worshipers by causing noise, and such weddings and parties may affect prayers. 

It added that Islam guaranteed freedom of belief and protecting public rights and freedoms for humans. This is in addition to respecting the rights and freedoms of common Muslims to practice the religious rituals without violation or encroachment. 

The court asserted that it is not permissible for the authorities to allow the establishment of wedding and party halls near mosques, in order not to disturb the mosque’s message as a place of worship for Muslims.

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