Bibliotheca Alexandrina presents webinar on Arab-Islamic Heritage

Bassant Mohammed
2 Min Read

The Bibliotheca Alexandrina will present, on Monday, a cultural webinar entitled “Illusions in the Arab and Islamic Heritage”. 

The lecture will present a set of new terms to express Islamic culture, as well as ideas and concepts used in academic and cultural literature, and which are separate from the heritage written by ancient Muslim intellectuals. 

Some people believe that those concepts are right, defending and fighting to achieve them, despite it not being a part of Islamic intellectual heritage.

In a statement, the Bibliotheca Alexandrina explained that one of these incorrect perceptions refers to what is called the “Islamic nation”. 

The Islamic nation in modern literature means unifying Islamic countries under the rule of one caliph who rules Muslims politically, religiously, and geographically. 

The webinar will try to explain the error of that perception, which was pushed forward in the modern era by Western thinkers, and Muslims have believed that concept without checking its meaning. 

The webinar has been organised by the Manuscripts Center affiliated with the Cultural Communication Sector at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, and presented by Dr Hussein Soliman, Head of the centre’s Department of Academic Studies and Events. 

The lecture comes as part of a series of lectures on Arab-Islamic Heritage held by the Manuscripts Center, through which it works to introduce the various aspects in which the Arab-Islamic civilisation has excelled. 

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