Egypt eyes development of technical education system with focus on Sinai: Madbouly

Bassant Mohammed
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Egypt’s Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouly revealed, on Tuesday, that the government is paying greater attention to developing the country’s technical education system, particularly in the North and South Sinai governorates.

Madbouly said that Sinai is considered a fertile ground to establish many industrial projects in all sectors, in order to invest in the natural and mineral resources found there. 

During his meeting with Minister of Education and Technical Education Tarek Shawky, the Prime Minister said that the projects in Sinai will require a trained manpower. On this basis, the role of the technical equation comes in to play, with a view to qualify Sinai’s citizens. 

Madbouly also said that developing the Sinai Peninsula is one of the Egyptian government’s top priorities. 

Shawky indicated that land has been allocated in the Central Sinai region to establish Egypt’s first complex for technical education. This includes industrial, agricultural, commercial, and tourism training, in addition to new industries such as glass, marble, granite, spinning, weaving, agricultural machinery, boats, and marine industries. 

He said that the complex will also include greenhouses and farms for education and training, in order to contribute to increasing productivity through the use of scientific techniques. 

Shawky said that his ministry had carried out 65 projects to develop and establish new educational buildings in North and South Sinai Governorates with a total of 672 classrooms. These include the establishment of 29 new schools with a capacity of 344 classrooms, and the addition of 290 new classrooms to existing schools to decrease student density in classrooms. 

He said that about 39 schools were included in the new technological education system through the extension of fibre cables to them, in addition to distributing 4,565 tablets to high school students. 

Shawky noted that his ministry has successfully opened classes for commercial and industrial education in public schools, which specialise in electrical education, in addition to establishing four industrial and commercial schools. 

The minister added that a new commercial school was opened in Sharm El-Sheikh, to meet the needs of the labour market in the governorate. 

He affirmed that another industrial school was opened in Bir Al-Abd, and includes the specialisations of electronics, automobiles, decoration, and advertisement. This is in addition to opening an industrial secondary school for girls that includes two specialisations in renewable energy and leather, aside from the clothing, decoration and advertising sections.

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