Presidential adviser affirms optimal COVID-19 isolation period is 14 days

Daily News Egypt
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The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has an ideal isolation period of 14 days, because the virus’ ability to infect is different from that of other viruses.

The remarks were made by Dr Mohamed Awad Tag El-Din, Advisor to the President of the Republic for Health and Preventive Affairs, during televised statements on Sunday evening.

Tag El-Din also said that influenza viruses have the ability to mutate, which is why the vaccine differs each season to include the new strains.

He added that the coronavirus (COVID-19) mutation “will occur, sooner or later”, and that the vaccine can be modified to match the mutation. This comes with the added hopes that the mutation in Egypt will be weak. 

Tag El-Din said that any vaccine goes through different stages before being used by humans, and all the vaccines that have been approved so far against COVID-19 have only received the temporary licence. 

He added that the treatment protocol for any disease is a guideline for treating the patient, with every patient needing a special guide according to his health condition. The protocols are also always changing according to international standards.

“The COVID-19 treatment protocol is based on treating symptoms and some complications, and there are basic and additional medicines, and it has been proven that the best treatment to reduce fever is paracetamol,” Tag El-Din said.

He noted that whilst COVID-19 is a virus, in the event of bacterial infections, antibiotics are given according to effective Egyptian standards. This is based on an assessment of each case, and change according to the experience that is gained.

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