21 November deadline for installing electronic Traffic Department sticker

Zamzam Mostafa
2 Min Read

Fines will be imposed from 21 November on vehicles that have not installed the electronic sticker (e-sticker) provided by the Traffic Department, according to Emad Hammad, Head of Operations at the General Traffic Department.

Hammad also denied rumours that have recently circulated alleging the e-stickers are to monitor traffic violations. He said that they are, instead, a method of protecting the vehicles from theft, as they feature the vehicle owner’s full information. The e-stickers are also important in terms of whether the vehicles are being searched for in relation to criminal activities.

He also denied other rumours circulating on social media, alleging that traffic penalties and fines have increased.

He said that the Ministry of Interior announced a new electronic service enabling vehicle owners with valid licences to apply for the e-sticker’s installation, and to pay the required fees electronically through the Egypt Traffic Portal’s website.

Hammad added that, whilst the old licence was delivered, the new licence can be obtained with the same e-sticker attached, which can be installed on the vehicle by traffic unit specialists.

He said that until Egypt’s amended traffic law is issued, the current 2014 law remains in effect. The new law will be issued after the new parliament convenes, as there are no longer parliamentary sessions occurring.

Devices featuring strong lighting have been installed on several main roads, including the 26 July Axis in Cairo, which Hammad said are new radars that work with the latest electronic technological methods to monitor all violations. This includes vehicle occupants not wearing seat belts, and using a mobile phone while driving.

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