Delta Fertilizers invites international firms to develop its factories

Alyaa Stohy
2 Min Read

The Delta Company for Fertilizers and Chemical Industries, affiliated to the Holding Company for Chemical Industries, has presented a tender document to international companies specialising in fertilisers. The document details technical specifications to develop and modernise the Delta Company’s factories located in Daqahleya governorate.

The move is also part of the Ministry of Public Enterprises Sector’s endeavours to develop and reform its subsidiary companies, especially in their technical aspects.

The company has invited international licence holders specialising in the fertiliser industry to submit their offers within three months. The chosen licence holder will then conduct technical studies for developing Delta’s ammonia and methanol factories.

This would then also allow the Egyptian company to implement the proposed works, in cooperation with major industrial contracting companies specialised in this field.

A study of the technical problems and obstacles is expected, with the aim of improving the economics of what is considered a “nerve of industry”, namely Delta’s ammonia plant, which was established over 40 years ago.

The aging factory has reported a sharp rise in energy consumption, in recent years, to about double the global rates. The increasing energy consumption has affected the high consumption of gas, which has increased financial costs.

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