General Traffic Department denies changes to traffic citation

Yara El-ganiny
2 Min Read

An official source at the General Department of Traffic has denied rumours recently circulated on social media that fines and penalties for some traffic citation had changed.

The source explained that the fines and penalties for violators are defined by the Traffic Law, and a new law or amending the existing one is required for the penalties to change.

The source also said that the Parliament is still discussing a proposed new traffic law. It is expected to come under review again in the next parliamentary session.

The social media claims stated that the penalty for driving without a licence will be the vehicle used being impounded for a period of six months and a fine of EGP 6,000.

However, the Traffic Law stipulates in Article 74, paragraph 2, that a penalty on the violator will be a fine of EGP 1,000 – EGP 2,000 and/or imprisonment for a period not exceeding six months.

In the event of reconciliation, EGP 50 shall be paid, while in the event of abstaining, the driver’s license is to be withdrawn and the necessary legal measures taken.

The social media rumours also claimed that the penalty for driving with an expired licence includes impounding the car for a period of two months, and applying a fine of EGP 3,500.

However, the provisions of the new traffic law stipulate that, in the event of the driving licence having expired, a fine of EGP 20 – EGP 50 will be paid, alongside the driver’s and car licences being withdrawn in the event reconciliation does not occur.

The rumours also claimed that drivers and front-seat passengers found not wearing seat belts will place an EGP 2,500 fine on the driver, with the car also being impounded for two months. However, the new traffic law stipulates that the penalty for the violating driver is a fine of between EGP 150 and EGP 300.

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