EEHC to implement EGP 32.4bn investment projects in FY2021: chairperson

Mohamed Farag
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The Egyptian Electricity Holding Company (EEHC) is looking to implement EGP 32.4bn investment projects in the fiscal year (FY) 2020/21, according to EEHC Chairperson Gaber Desouky.

Desouky added that the electricity sector aims to add an extra 145 MW in capabilities to the national electricity network, which will bring the total capacity to 59,824 MW at an increase rate of 0.24%.

The EEHC is also looking to increase the energy generated to 198.1bn kWh, with an increase rate of 2.03% over FY 2019/20.

This comes in addition to a decrease in fuel consumption to 185 gm per KWh, an improvement of 0.8% from the expected rate for the current fiscal year. The reduction has been attributed to a maximisation of unit production that operates as a combined cycle.

The EEHC projects will contribute roughly 26.8% of the total energy generated.

Desouky added that the amount of energy sold to consumers will be increased by 4.4% over the current fiscal year to 165.4bn kWh. There is also a plan to increase the number of subscribers to 38.7 million, with a growth rate of 3.4%.

He stressed that procedures reviewing the efficiency of existing power plants will continue as planned, with the necessary maintenance and overhauls to ensure their readiness also performed.

The EEHC will also continue implementing its network strengthening plans to ensure continued offloading of expected loads, and continue its coordination with the petroleum sector providing the necessary fuel for stations.

He noted that the project to expand installation of prepaid meters will continue, alongside the project to install smart meters during the next fiscal year.

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