Helwan University’s engineering students design reusable face masks

Bassant Mohammed
1 Min Read

Students at Helwan University’s Faculty of Engineering have designed and manufactured face masks that can be sterilised for reuse, under the auspices of the university’s president Maged Negm.

As part of their graduation project for the 2020 academic year, the students used 3D printers and reverse engineering to make the masks from polylactic acid (PLA) plastic. This is a plant-based plastic material, which commonly uses corn starch as a raw material.

The masks were designed to provide maximum protection against virus infections, such as the coronavirus (Covid-19), at lower costs compared to cloth masks, as the muzzle is made of a light and coherent material, and can easily be sterilised and reused.

The masks made by the engineering students consist of three parts: the first part covers the face, the second has breathable passages, and the third part is a cover that is installed after applying the filter over the breathing passages.

With the support of the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology, the students have also manufactured full face masks, designed by Prusa Research Company, to protect the eyes.

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