Eitesal meets IT companies to discuss developments of e-Export programme

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The Egyptian Information, Telecommunications, Electronics, and Software Alliance (Eitesal) held a meeting with member companies working in the information technology sector to discuss developments of its e-Export programme launched in 2016. The meeting evaluated the programme’s experience and set a practical time-frame for export from 2020 to 2022.

More than 20 companies exporting their services across the border took part in the meeting, where they confirmed benefiting from the export programme, which is carried out in partnership and cooperation with the Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA).

Mohamed Shadid, CEO of Eitesal, said that despite the challenges, Eitesal continues to support and assist member companies in exporting and connecting them with international marketers who help local companies according to extensive market studies. He stressed that Eitesal has helped some companies export to Gulf, American, and European markets and plans for this new programme to support exports into African markets, especially since the continent is overflowing with opportunity.

Shadid added that Eitesal has developed a strategic plan to support exports through several mechanisms, the most prominent of which is to identify target markets and address commercial diplomats, whether foreigners residing in Egypt or Egyptians residing in Egyptian embassies abroad to help member companies in exportation and provide the necessary information on existing opportunities. He indicated that Africa’s digital transformation projects offer many promising opportunities for Egyptian companies that have experience in the field.

He noted that Eitesal is striving to assist member companies to export their products and increase returns from foreign currencies to the country through its export programme, which is carried out in cooperation with ITIDA as a strategic partner of Eitesal. This comes after the success of the project recently, as it seeks to maximise the benefit of the new programme by opening the door wide open for companies to apply for this programme.

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