Vodafone Egypt Wins Top Employer 2019 Thanks To Impressive Occupational Health And Safety Standards

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Vodafone Egypt receives 20,000 complaints a month out of 2.5m calls from its clients. (AFP Photo)
Vodafone Egypt was recently named Top Employer 2019 by the Top Employer Global Institute. This is now the second year in a row Vodafone Egypt has received this impressive title — largely thanks to the organization’s commitment to its unique, diverse and “progressive people-first human resource practices,” as well as their excellent workplace health and safety standards. In its impressive 25-year run, the Top Employer Global Institute has certified as many as 1,500 businesses spanning 118 different countries. The award is considered to be one of the most coveted and prestigious human resource awards in existence.
Vodafone’s excellent workplace health and safety standards
The Top Employer Global Institute recognized Vodafone Egypt for achieving excellent standards across numerous different aspects of the workplace — including health and safety, environment and culture, employee learning and development, leadership development, talent strategy, performance management, career and succession management, and compensation and benefits. Additionally, the company has established the “Vodafone Way” to provide all employees with opportunities for professional growth and career progression. But, above all, Vodafone Egypt focuses on safeguarding the well-being of their employees. The company, therefore, adheres to both local Egyptian legislation regarding occupational health and safety, as well as international Vodafone Group Occupational Health and Safety standards throughout its operations. Additionally, the Vodafone Egypt Health & Safety team works hard to create and maintain a safe workplace environment for each and every one of their employees.
The importance of improving occupational health and safety in Egypt
Vodafone Egypt’s commitment to occupational health and safety sets a fantastic example for other Egyptian businesses across the nation. Workplace health and safety in Egypt has been criticized in the past for being poorly monitored and lacking acceptable standards. At least 317 million non-fatal occupational accidents occur each year across the world, resulting in roughly 321,000 casualties in total,  statistics from the International Labour Organisation reveal. 151 workers sustain a work-related accident every 15 seconds. Moreover, work-related diseases pose an even greater threat — they’re responsible for the deaths of 2.02 million workers every year and affect 160 million workers in total.
Workers’ comp insurance: protecting employer and employee
It’s essential that Egyptian businesses commit to  improving occupational health and safety. As part of this, businesses of every industry should consider investing in workers’ compensation insurance. If an employee becomes injured on the job, workers’ compensation insurance protects the business owner from expensive lawsuits and provides the employee with reasonable and necessary compensation, including, lost wages and medical expenses,  Cerity Insurance explains. The employer is also protected, as the insurance ensures employees no longer have the right to sue the employer for negligence in exchange for the benefits.
As recognized by the Top Employer Global Institute, Vodafone Egypt is leading the way in health and safety in the workplace. It’s important that Egyptian businesses follow in their footsteps. Improving occupational health and safety and investing in workers’ compensation insurance reduces work-related accidents and injuries and helps ensure happy, healthy and productive employees.
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