Sa Studio Champions Happiness Through Design and Quality

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It might be time for the fall season, but everyone’s wardrobe can still welcome one more garment that can dance in the wind and bring comfort during the warm Egyptian sun. Inspired by nature and made of authentic materials, Sa Studio is a proof that clothes can advocate movement and inspire good times.

The homegrown Boho chic brand resonates with simple uniqueness. While seeming simple in design, their clothes stand out amidst uniformed high street clothes. From linen capes to maxi shirt dresses, the Founder Sarah Fouad is keen on giving her clients something memorable to say the least.

Therefore, the designer collaborates with local illustrators to generate original patterns for each and every collection; constantly focusing on different subjects. While the brand’s Spring-Summer 2019 collection tells stories of family, identity, and femininity coloured by nature’s hues of green, yellow, and white, the Fall-Winter 20 collection, which is still currently in production, promises a more intriguing theme.

The brand offers a wide spectrum of ready to wear clothes as well as casual footwear. While the designer prides herself for her unwavering selection of high-quality and sustainable fabrics, she also manufactures her footwear in Egypt.

According to the designer, her aesthetic has developed to include comfort and traditional patterns in her personal journey through her own style. After starting her career as a designer, beginning with the same patterns she was use to, Fouad has engrossed herself into Egyptian society as a source of inspiration for her designs.

The happy brand – as the founder describes it – focuses on delivering a unique experience to its clients, starting from the designs to the quality of the fabrics and even the customer-friendly online shopping service.    

The brand was first launched in 2017, all while Fouad was still studying for her fashion degree. Her debut collection featured 43 pieces and three footwear designs, which has only paved the road to a promising career ahead.

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