Saudi Arabia Launches Project to Map Historical Sites of Renowned Arab Poets

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In a bid to safeguard Arab cultural heritage, Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Culture has launched a project to map locations associated with prominent pre-Islamic Arab poets, according to Arab News, as reported by TV BRICS.

The initiative seeks cooperation from municipal and village authorities alongside housing organizations. The project has already begun marking significant sites in the capital, Riyadh, where famed poets like Laila Al-Akhiliya, Qays Ibn Al-Mulawwah, Imru’ Al-Qays, and Labid Ibn Rabi’ah once resided.

Furthermore, landmarks within Riyadh’s Qassim neighbourhood, such as the Al-Shanana Tower linked to the poet Zuhair bin Abi Salma, have also been documented. The Ministry aims to preserve these locations for future generations by identifying them and erecting informative signposts nearby.

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