Philip Morris, Injaz Egypt ‘San3ety Ganoub El Wadi’ initiative completes training for 1,122 young entrepreneurs

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Injaz Egypt, a non-profit organisation, and the world’s largest tobacco firm Philip Morris first initiative, ‘San3ety Ganoub El Wadi’ (My craftsmanship Upper Egypt) managed to complete the training 1,122 young men and women from the governorates of in the provinces of Sohag, Qena, Luxor and Aswan, on the latest mechanisms and challenges of the labour market in only 66 days.

The initiative aims to exert more effort in supporting local communities, and focuses on establishing a supportive environment for innovation and entrepreneurship, in order to create more jobs in Upper Egypt.

Managing Director Philip Morris Egypt and the Levant, Vassilis Gkatzelis, said that the initiative managed to achieve remarkable successes in a few days from its commencement in March until the first week of May.

He pointed out the initiative is scheduled to extend for another 10 months, adding that entrepreneurship is one of the most important pillars upon which the state could depend on to support local industries,  “local businesses can significantly contribute to support the national economy, that is why the initiative targets the provinces of Upper Egypt.

During March and April, the participants were divided into teams, where 229 young men and women were trained during March on entrepreneurship skills, including problem-solving skills, resource utilization and leadership.

In addition to another 49 teams, who have been trained with a total of 250 trainees participating in the program, within 5 weeks, on how to configure access to ideas and solutions, and identify some of the challenges they may face in the market with real consumers

Dahlia Helaly, deputy CEO of Injaz Egypt, pointed out the importance of empowering young people to accomplish their dreams, which will also help to develop Egypt’s economy. “The initiative is adopting a long-term sustainable approach to create a new generation of young people by training and providing them with all the needed skills that will allow them to find a place in the labour market and provide effective solutions to manage their businesses”, Helaly added.

The 16-month initiative is targeting students and fresh graduates of technical and vocational institutions in the provinces of Sohag, Qena, Luxor and Aswan, in line with Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi ‘Hayat Karima’ (A Decent Life) initiative. It has three phases from generating project ideas passing by developing a prototype of projects and finally joining Injaz’s business incubator, where participants will get financial and logistical support for their startups.

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