Military Council wants Islamic law, customs as source of legislation

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The Sudan’s ruling Transitional Military Council said on Tuesday that it agrees in general with the proposals of opposition leaders on the structure of the transitional period, but added that the Islamic law and local customs should be the source of legislation.

Regarding a draft constitutional document proposed by the Forces for Freedom and Change, an alliance of protest groups and political parties, the council noted that the document did not refer to the Islamic law.

Spokesperson of the council Shamsuddin Al-Kabbashi said: “We have seen that Islamic law, customs, and traditions in the republic of Sudan are the source of legislation.”

Al-Kabbashi added that the council believes that the authority to declare a state of emergency in the country must be the right of the “sovereign authority” and not the prime minister.

“The transitional period should last for two years, not four, as the opposition has proposed,” he said, noting that talks between the council and the opposition are continuing, however calling for early elections within six months would be an option if the two sides did not reach an agreement.

On 11 April, the army overthrew former president Omar Al-Bashir after months of protests against his rule.

Meanwhile, the suffering of Sudan’s people is continuing due to shortage of fuel, bread, and cash.

On Tuesday, Egypt announced sending a shipment of medical aid to Sudan’s people, within the framework of Egypt’s solidarity with the Sudanese people. The assistance provided varies from medicine to medical supplies.

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