Crédit Agricole Egypt inaugurates first cashless branch

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Crédit Agricole Egypt celebrated on Wednesday the inauguration of the first branch of its innovative cashless branches series titled ‘banki’ as part of its development plan toward digital transformation and keeping abreast with the continuous developments in the banking sector.

This branch model is considered the newest and most developed in the bank’s network of branches, and the ideal example of branches that are based on a balance between digital services and banking consultations.

Crédit Agricole Egypt invited the leading media and press figures in the economic and banking fields to visit the branch and held a press conference led by Crédit Agricole Egypt’s Managing Director, Pierre Finas, and the Head of Proximity Banking, Walie Lotfy, who explained the bank’s expansion plan to increase its branches by 25%, launch new services and develop the level and quality of the current ones, as well as the utilisation of the latest technologies.

“The bank’s vision is being useful by providing value-added services to our customers in an innovative way, based on a balance between technology and the human element. Toward this goal, we, at Crédit Agricole Egypt, have developed our strategy to become a leading innovation-driven sustainable bank. We are implementing this strategy via an ambitious plan aligned with the Central Bank of Egypt’s financial inclusion efforts to transform the community into a cashless society,” Pierre Finas explained.

He added that the bank’s journey on the road of digital transformation, which started three years ago, aims to place Crédit Agricole Egypt in a leading position in the digital banking services field.

Walie Lotfy stated, “We are pleased today to share with our clients the launch of the first cashless branch in Dandy Mall, as part of our innovative ‘banki’ store branches, which started with the Fifth Settlement’s 90 Street branch. This model offers a new and unique experience with ‘banki’ store’s top-notch banking services and one-of-a-kind design”

Lotfy added that Crédit Agricole Egypt is presenting a new achievement as part of its digital transformation plan launched three years ago, which gave place to an integrated services platform titled ‘banki by Credit Agricole Egypt’. The platform comprises of: ‘banki’ business for companies, ‘banki’ online for individuals, as well as ‘banki’ wallet and ‘banki’ mobile – all with innovating new developed features for the comfort of our clients. This new achievement is the launching of its innovative model of branches, which integrates digital transactions with the latest systems and value-added banking consultations.”

Lastly, Lotfy asserted that the bank also intends to expand the application of its ‘banki’ store concept to other branches across the country, especially with the bank’s ambitions of expanding its networks of branches by 25%.

As to Crédit Agricole Egypt’s first cashless branch in Dandy Mall, it is a branch that only deals with cash through ATM machines and it comprises all the usual banking transactions. The branch houses a specialised team to provide clients with banking consultations, as well as guide them to the best use of the bank’s digital services through a balanced integrated system of 100% digital and a 100% human component.

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