Cairo WoodShow begins on Friday with participation of 175 companies from 24 countries

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Strategic Marketing and Exhibitions company announced the completing of the arrangements of the fourth edition of the Cairo WoodShow, which will begin on Friday with participation of 175 companies from 24 countries, headed by China, Turkey, the US, Spain, Italy, and Germany.

Leading Egyptian companies in all production inputs of wood and furniture industry such as Good Wood, ARO Art, Abu Khaled Wood Trade, and other Egyptian agencies will participate in the exhibition.

Hussein Kamal, manager of Cairo WoodShow, said that the fourth edition of the exhibition is completely different from its predecessors, which comes under the patronage of the Minister of Trade and Industry, Amr Nassar, in cooperation with the Industrial Modernisation Centre, to link all producers and manufacturers of wood in Egypt, North Africa, and the world.

Kamal noted that the Cairo WoodShow aims to deepen Egypt’s local components in the future, in accordance with the state’s plan and the ministry of trade and industry, which pays attention to this, in addition to the promising opportunities of the Egyptian wood market and its ability to compete globally.

The Egyptian furniture industry is qualified to lead the operations of Egyptian exports due to the quality of the Egyptian product and its external reputation, specifically the Damietta products and the quality of the furniture required internationally, in addition to the great development in the mechanisms of the furniture and wood industry, highlighted Kamal pointed.

“The exhibition’s management has hosted over 100 international buyers from decision makers of their companies within the “Egyptian Buyer” programme. They are ready to make deals during the exhibition days. In addition to targeting important markets, such as Tunisia, Lebanon and Libya. Furthermore, they are capable of competing with Europe and China in terms of price and quality. Moreover, the exhibition management has received official requests of delegations from West African countries such as Nigeria, Ghana and Kenya to participate in the show.,” he elaborated.

Egypt’s wood exports reached EGP 5.939bn at the end of 2017, a growth rate of 54% compared to the previous year.

A large percentage of domestic production is directed for the local market instead of export, due to the decline in furniture imports because of the development of domestic product and policies, according to Kamal.

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