MILLENSYS healthcare technology workshop connects healthcare providers with patients

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Medical-care technology solutions and their potential for Egypt’s healthcare sector was the main focus of a workshop, organised by Millensys Healthcare technology solutions from 24-26 September.

The workshop discussed the potentials of med-care technology solution from a global perspective with a focus on the MENA region.

Steve Deaton, a USA technology engineer, said that the numerous tools provided by Millensys aim to tie all information in one spot and overcome the hurdle of infrastructure.

On the other hand, business representatives from Europe also stressed the role of the company as a strong source of support in several projects.

“These new technologies boost productivity in health institutions, which ultimately leads to better services for patients, and I see a promising future for such technologies,” said Spiros Papathanasiou, from a Greek technology business.   

The attendees concluded that such technologies occupied a prominent position and gained sizeable importance, as they connect healthcare providers, patients, and other medical services such as med-labs and scanning centres to make a cohesive network facilitates the whole process to pride patents with the most possible quality.

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