Government to ban tuk-tuks from accessing highways

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Egyptian drive rickshaws also known as "Tuk-tuks" along a road bearing portraits of candidates for the upcoming parliamentary elections in the Imbaba district of the Egyptian capital, Cairo, on October 15, 2015. Egyptians begin voting on the weekend for a parliament expected to step firmly in line behind President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, who has crushed all opposition since ousting his Islamist predecessor in 2013. AFP PHOTO / KHALED DESOUKI (Photo credit should read KHALED DESOUKI/AFP/Getty Images)

Egypt’s Minister of Local Development Mahmoud Sharawy issued a publication to ease filling out licences for three-wheeled vehicles known as the Tuk-Tuk.

The publication includes providing the ministry with numbers of operating tuk-tuks inside the country and the licences which have been issued so far.

Furthermore, Sharawy called on all governate directories to limit routes of tuk-tuks to be inside villages and rural areas and to prevent them from accessing highways. 

According to the ministry, the new gesture aims to mitigate traffic accidents which have been raised recently and most of them caused because tuk-tuks’ drivers do not follow laws and manage to access main roads and motorways.

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