Link Development’s Count Big redefines quality of census data used by governments in EMEA

Mohamed Alaa El-Din
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Link Development, a global technology solutions provider and an A15 company, unveiled on Tuesday an update of its flagship digital census platform, Count Big, to help government agencies worldwide, and specifically in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA), in conducting cost-efficient censuses, surveys, and inspections to build the future based on accurate data and sustainable digital baselines.

Link Development is the digital developer of Egypt’s 2017 census that was run by the Central Agency for Public Mobilisation and Statistics (CAPMAS). The tablet-based census covered about 100 million people, 23.5m families, and 43.2m housing units, and it was conducted by around 45,000 tablet users.

Fadi Antaki, CEO of Link Development, said that it is not only statistical agencies that are focused on collecting data that matters. “Every town, municipality, ministry, or government agency, or even a private sector research organisation, needs to run repetitive surveying and inspection tasks in order to know how their dollars are spent, where to spend next, and how their budgets are bettering lives,” he added.

Antaki noted that while the era of manual data collection is over, today’s digital and semi-digital tools mostly digitalise only bits and pieces of census and surveying processes.

“This leaves huge gaps and results in large margins of data errors and incomplete business outcomes,” he explained.

Count Big is a digital platform that turns complex, massive, and repetitive data collection, data management, and data analyses into fast, easy, and integrated projects. The platform digitises end-to-end census processes that typically happen every 10 years in any given country, in addition to thousands of surveys that happen in between.

“Thanks to its complex, built-in, four-stage data quality vehicles, and by capitalising on the power of mobility and capacity for on-premises and on Azure deployments, EMEA’s government agencies, and even enterprises, can quickly conduct digital surveys to get accurate data and sustainable digital baselines for better decision-making, planning, and policymaking,” Antaki concluded.

The updated Count Big includes enhancements for stronger data validation during and after surveys, richer business intelligence and insights, advanced data visualisations on geo-dashboards and maps, and data integration support, in addition to AI (artificial intelligence) inclusion and more.

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