Solar energy companies complain of stalled road construction in Benban

Mohamed Farag
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Solar energy investors complained about delays in implementing the main roads and subways at the construction site in Benban, Aswan. They expressed dissatisfaction with the lack of completion of roads comes despite the New and Renewable Energy Authority (NREA) contracting with a private company for implementation more than four months ago.

The heads of solar energy companies told Daily News Egypt that the old roads in Benban have begun to be depleted and the ring road on site has not been completed. The sources said there were difficulties in driving cars inside the project site.

The roads were set to be completed, along with a ring road, in the middle of last month.

The NREA contracted with Aalbak Contracting and Paving Company to carry out the construction and paving works in Benban, Aswan.

The investors added that they do not know the main reason for the delay, wondering whether the company’s dues were late or if the delay was caused by other reasons, given that Hassan Allam is responsible for managing the services within the project site in Benban and is awaiting the completion of the roads to implement its contract.

The heads of solar companies stressed the presence of the company Hassan Allam in the project site, and its working intensively to complete implementing services and remove all obstacles to the implementation of projects.

They noted further noted, “the company started, a while ago, providing water for projects in cooperation with the people of Benban, clearing waste, receiving hazardous waste, and working on recycling them, as well as establishing a social relations office to receive any queries or questions about the projects.

Hassan Allam was contracted for the management of services and facilities of the solar energy projects in Benban, Aswan after competing with a number of local and international companies in the tender put forward by investors.

Hassan Allam was appointed project manager and implementer of the International Finance Corporation’s requests after being selected by all companies working on the Benban feed-in tariff solar park projects. The company will set rules and regulate all project requirements, including for water, wastewater, landscaping, recruitment and employment, infrastructure, traffic, and community services.

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