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The Egyptian Electricity Holding Company (EEHC) has activated its contract with e-finance to bring the electronic collection of electricity bills into force.

This came through linking all nine electricity companies, together with the e-finance network. The nine companies include North Cairo Electricity Distribution Company, South Cairo Electricity Distribution Company, Alexandria Electricity Distribution Company, El-Behera Electricity Distribution Company, North Delta Electricity Distribution Company, South Delta Electricity Distribution Company, Canal Electricity Distribution Company, Middle Egypt Electricity Distribution Company, and Upper Egypt Electricity Production Company.

The company also agreed with the Ministry of Social Solidarity to provide electricity bill collection and recharge services for pensioners. The service is currently being activated across all outlets, which would bring the points of collection to over 150,000 points across Egypt.

The collection service will be available through 34 Egyptian banks that have contracts with the company. Those banks also offer the collection of customs, taxes, and insurance bills. In coordination with the banks, EEHC will offer electronic collection of electricity bills from VIP clients enlisted on the Corporate Payment System (CPS), which currently includes over 800 companies that can pay bills anytime.

The service will be provided through the following channels:

Egypt Post

The company has provided the services of collecting electricity bills through the 4,000 Egypt Post offices, which include 8,000 points of sale. Egypt Post is considered the best service distribution destination in Egypt, next to providing pension disbursement services to over three million clients per month, in cooperation with e-finance.


Masary is one of the largest and most powerful collection companies in the market with 48,000 points of sale spread across Egypt.


Bee is also one of the largest electronic payment service providers in Egypt. It is also the only multinational company in Egypt operating in that field, which gives it more experience and skills that improve the size of its business in the Egyptian market. The company has about 38,000 points of sale.


Aman is one of the leading companies in the field of technology in the market and has accumulated experience in the field of electronic payment and collection. The company aims to increase its points of sale and grow in the Egyptian market. It now operates 14,000 points of sale.


Momken is also another large company in the e-payment service equipped with vast experience in the technology sector with over 15,000 points of sale in Egypt.


One of the promising companies that targets further spread and offers e-collection services through merchants with 1,500 operating points of sale.


Founded in 2017, the company has quickly deployed 1,500 points of sale in the first quarter of the year alone, with further expansion in the pipeline.

E-finance’s Khales Portal

Khales is e-finance’s electronic payment portal. The company aims to provide convenience, safety, and confidentiality of collection operations through a range of innovative solutions and cooperation with Egyptian banks, including collection solutions through mobile and the Internet, as well as the collection and shipment of electricity cards through the network of ATMs and outlets in the different social security offices that serve more than six million clients.

The integration will be carried out with bank ATMs as well as a company-owned network of 300 ATMs. Khales will also offer its services through bank systems online and via mobile applications, including an activated service with the National Bank of Egypt and in cooperation with m-VISA via NBEPay app.

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