Telecom Egypt raises outsource technicians’ salaries starting January

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All technicians at call centres were given a tablet device connected to TE Data’s network to enable them to directly work through them while examining customers’ internet lines, without having to refer to their team leaders to follow up with them. This will not only help save time and effort, but will also reduce the rewuired tools to be used, according to the technician.

The managers told them, during the meeting, that the parent company Telecom Egypt has a plan to stabilise its workforce, and is currently considering employing outsource technicians full-time on annual contracts that would be renewed automatically by the end of 2018.

Managers also confirmed to technicians that, starting January, salaries will be increased to reach EGP 2,500 per month, before insurance and taxes are deducted.

Some technicians expressed their dissatisfaction with the value of the increase, which some of them described as unfeasible, since the final value of the salary after taxes and insurance will amount to EGP 2100. They are especially dissatisfied at the lack of equality between permanent employees of Telecom Egypt and the technicians, as their contracts are temporary, which reflects on allowances, rewards, and healthcare.

A number of Telecom Egypt’s employees have asked to structure their wages beginning next year, and their first demand is to approve an annual increase of workers’ salaries by 15% beginning next year. In addition, they want an increase in job allowances by no less than 50%, or to at least provide a fixed amount per month to help with increasing prices. They also called for a date for the issuance of new personnel affairs  rules in place of the current one, which was issued in 2008.

Moreover, they called for the amendment of healthcare provided for workers, their families, as well as pensions. In addition, they want a reduction in deductibles for medication, which is currently at 20%, which former employees’ salaries cannot afford. They also called for generalising end of service bonuses, to become a right for all employees, as it is currently only given to senior management.

Furthermore, the workers called for reviewing the company’s human resources and suggested retraining employees, through programs suited to system changes in their work, to benefit them, instead of resorting to the establishment of early retirement programs to reduce the number of employees or resorting to outsourcing workers from outside the company.

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