Only 5% of Al-Qoseir citizens infected with dengue fever: Health Minister

Sarah El-Sheikh
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Only 5 percent of Al-Qoseir’s citizens were infected with dengue fever, said Minister of Health Ahmed Emad El-Din, during his visit to check the situation in the Red Sea governorate.

The number of patients infected with the virus has reached 224, of which 199 were treated, and the remaining are still in hospital.

During the past period a number of people have been reportedly infected with dengue fever, particularly children, because 80% of water tanks of the governorate are uncovered. This resulted in the growth of mosquito larvae, which transmits the disease of dengue fever to people.

Emad El-Din visited the city of Al-Qoseir on Tuesday to follow up on efforts to combat the dengue fever virus.

During his visit to hospitals, he listened to patients and confirmed that all old water tanks have been demolished. He also called on families to keep calm and return their children to school, as the issue will be solved soon.

One source that helped spread the virus was the arrival of 300 Sudanese last month, the minister said, adding that they will undergo medical tests.


The ministry previously denied claims of reports that stated there some people were infected with the virus, asserting that their cases are unrelated to the dengue fever. No deaths were reported so far.

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