Best Flour opens mill to produce 72% flour with EGP 50m investment next month

Basma Tharwat
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Best Flour Company will open next month a flour mill to produce 72% in El-Beheira with Egyptian investments estimated at EGP 50m and a production capacity of 150 tonnes per day.

Chairperson of the Board of Directors of the company Adel Al-Tolba said that the new mill is an Egyptian-Emirati partnership with investments amounting to EGP 50m and established in El-Beheira.

He pointed out that the company is also considering the establishment of silo storage card 30,000 tonnes with investments of EGP 56m within six months, in addition to the establishment of another plant to produce pasta with a capacity of 5 tonnes per day and investments of EGP 100m.

He stressed the need to pay attention to the classification of domestic wheat during the next season, especially that there is a kind of Durum wheat cultivated in eastern Awainat and Upper Egypt is one of the best types of wheat for producing pasta in the world.

He added, “In the case of exporting or manufacturing pasta locally, it is possible to compete with the finest Italian noodles, which opens the door to exports of this sector, giving the country hard currency.”

He pointed out that the changes made by Minister of Supply and Internal Trade Aly El Meselhi  on the bread system and the fixing of wheat and flour prices for millers and bakeries limits the local wheat waste, as the mill is committed to delivering quantities of flour in proportion to the quantities of wheat received from the ministry.

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