Drafting a law to reconcile with brotherhood is impossible: Heikal

Farah Bahgat
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Head of the Media, Culture, and Antiquities Committee Osama Heikal said during a press conference on Monday that the parliament will not be committed to drafting a law of transitional justice and reconciliation with the Muslim Brotherhood.

“A draft law would state reconciliation, which everyone knows refers to reconciliation with the brotherhood, and I believe that society is not ready for such reconciliation, especially during the ongoing violent incidents…and even the MB did not express their willingness for reconciliation,” Heikal said, adding that the current security situation would not allow for such a law.

Article 241 of the Constitution states that the parliament is entitled to draft a law on transitional justice, reconciliation, and compensation of victims according to international standards.

Heikal projected in the press conference the parliament’s achievements, which included the discussion of 342 decisions during the first 15 days of its assembly, and the approval of 82 draft laws in its first session and 85 in its second.

“The press conference is an assignment from the general committee of the parliament, which saw that the media and the parliament did not have good relations,” he added.

Heikal also discussed the issue of not seating MP-elect Amr Al-Shobaky, claiming that applying the ruling of the Court of Appeal to seat Al-Shobaky is against the parliament’s bylaws, clarifying that for an MP to be seated after one is expelled, he must run for new elections.

However, the court’s ruling stated that Al-Shobaky had in fact won against Ahmed Mortada Mansour during the regular elections, entitling him to a seat in parliament.

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