Palestine urges international action to end Israeli occupation, crimes

Sami Hegazi
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The Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said on Monday that the international community’s indifference to the daily suffering of Palestinians under the Israeli occupation and its settlers is undermining the two-state solution.

The ministry urged the world to stop applying double standards and to enforce international law and resolutions in occupied Palestine, including ending the occupation and ensuring the rights of the Palestinian people. The ministry denounced the ongoing violations and crimes committed by the Israeli forces and settler groups against the Palestinians, their land, homes, properties, and holy sites. It said that the Israelis are targeting the Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Ibrahimi Mosque to Judaize them and impose Israeli control on them. It also condemned the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians in Jerusalem and the areas classified as “C”, such as the recent demolition orders for 21 homes and facilities in the village of Sartah, west of Salfit, in the north-west of the occupied West Bank.

The Palestinian Foreign Ministry said that these crimes and violations are part of a systematic war by the occupation of the Palestinian people and their rights, and part of an official plan to annex the occupied West Bank, including East Jerusalem, by replacing the Palestinians with settlers. The ministry held the Israeli Government fully and directly responsible for the escalating violence and its consequences on the region and the peace process. It also blamed the international community for its failure to pressure Israel to stop its illegal actions and to engage in a genuine political dialogue with the Palestinians.

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