GE to localise manufacturing of its equipment in Egypt

Hisham Salah
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(AFP Photo\ Sebastien Bozon)

General Electric (GE) Oil & Gas president and CEO for the Middle East, North Africa, and Turkey region (MENAT), Rami Qasem, stated that the company is committed to Egypt, adding that GE is willing to localize more of its manufacturing in the country.

He told Daily News Egypt that during the last the last 13 years, GE has been manufacturing its components and equipment in Egypt and serving the whole region.

Qasem stated that GE wants to increase its investments in Egypt, explaining that the company is looking for another location to establish a new facility, on top of the 5,000 square metre facility that is currently under establishment.

He believes that Egypt has enough man power and skilled labour that would let GE serve the country and the whole region.

From another direction, he stated that GE has new digital solutions, explaining that GE is working to provide the industry of oil and gas manufacturing with the right solution to collect and connect the data from the machines and create a platform that would let any company working in the field make fast decisions.

All new equipment come with sensors that might contain a lot of important information, he said.

Qasem stated that the new digital solutions would be used in many fields, such as aircraft engines, power gas turbines, and the health care industry, that would mark GE as a market leader when it comes to manufacturing.

In a country like Egypt, GE will provide digital solutions that focus on how to help the country to have more efficient and reliable power generation, he added.

He believes that Egypt is the right location for companies like GE when it comes to manufacturing.

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